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Western Mercantile.jpg

Western Mercantile


The highest quality authentic western gear, arts and crafts were offered at the 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Western Mercantile, Wednesday, January 31 through Saturday, February 3, 2018. Bookmark this page to be alerted when applications for vendors for our 35th Gathering will begin.

Located in the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority Conference Center
724 Moren Way, Elko, Nevada 89801
(right next door to the Convention Center)

Vendors for our 34th Gathering were:

Davine Creations, Louisville, Colorado

Paul Jones forges and transforms copper and steel into sculptural works using both modern and traditional metalworking techniques, creating with textures that resemble leather, feathers and felt to create western décor, western hats, fish and floral arrangements that celebrate the vitality and independence of the American West.

Orderville Vines, Delta, Utah

Esther Duncan, in her search for non-allergenic clothing and textiles to help with a modern textile dye allergy/dermatitis, began experimenting with natural dyes. Discovering that silk fabrics, besides being wonderful to wear, become even more striking when natural dyes are used. Duncan employs both cram pot and ice-dyed techniques in creating her line of silk scarves, wild rags and clothing, with a color palette from wood roots, resin, nuts and bugs for color and alum, copper and iron as mordents and modifiers.

Shooting Star Saddlery, Niarada, Montana

Dedicated to making fine gear from the best leather available, Jeff Morrow builds heirloom-quality saddles, chaps and chinks, and gun accessories in leather, as well as personal items and custom work. Bison, water buffalo, warthog, ostrich and stingray are just a few of the exotic leathers that can be incorporated into your custom project from this Rocky Mountain Leather Debut-award winner.

Gowith Books, Alta, Wyoming

Leann Bednar's non-fiction book, My Final Ride, is about Chuck Christensen’s mule ride from Canada to Mexico while battling stage-three bone marrow cancer. Given eighteen months to three years to live and told he’ll never ride again, Chuck crawls on his mule and with tears streaming down his face, vows to trek as far as he can. Along the way he faces many problems, as ultimately, Chuck's success depends on his fixed determination to never give up.

Wooden Wild Life -  Red Lodge, Montana

Joan Kosel learned how to carve wood through the tutelage of her father and a few instructional carving books. After years of trial and error, awards began coming in and now her work is very  collectible. Joan carves using mostly power tools - band saw, angle grinders, flex shaft grinder, die grinders plus some knife work – and usually finishes them with low-gloss tung oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood for her wildlife and western sculptured woodcarvings. 

Kathy Wipfel: Fine Art, Jackson, Wyoming

Paintings, drawings, woodblock prints, neck ties and stationary are all available from Kathy Wipfel. A move twenty years ago from rural central California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming has inspired Wipfel with a rich view of the natural and cowboy life in Wyoming's western mountains while riding the ranges of Teton and Sublette Counties. Classes and mentorship with western artists Greg McHuron, Hollis Williford, Skip Whitcomb, Ned Jacob, Conrad Schwiering, John Clymer and other friends has honed her work.

Cozy Celtics, Grass Valley, California

Diana Lopez is the creator of upcycled womens wear and accessories. Using an artistic eye and this fresh technique that has swept Europe and the United States in recent years, Lopez offers upscale sweaters and vests (both long and short) along with other clothing items.

Valeriy Kagounkin & Tamara Magdalena: Original Art, Sacramento, California

Artists Tamara Magdalena and Valeriy Kagounkin work in acrylics and oil, creating vivid  western landscapes. Born in Russia/Siberia and a U.S. citizen since 1998, Valeriy Kagounkin grew up in a farming community wanting only to live the cowboy way. A highly distinguished alumni of Russa's most prestigious Surikov Art Academy of Moscow and former professor at Krasnoyarsk Art Institute, Valeriy now brings the two cultures together in his art.

Triggers Boutique, Reno, Nevada

Suzanne I. Rusty Herberger puts together the ultimate in Cowgirl Chic, with high-end ladies wear and accessories for every aspiring fashionista's dream – endless clothes, boots, jewelry, purses and everything else in between.

D & S Designs, Marsing, Idaho

Don and Shirly Bishop offer handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarf slides of sliver, pewter, stainless steel and leather paired with semi-precious stone elements with a goal of accenting their jewely with elements that bring out its natural beauty for that one-of-a-kind, go-to appearance. Each element of design is selected with these thoughts in mind: Beauty of the piece. Durability of the element. Enjoyment of their patrons. Custom work accepted.

Chaz Hatz, New Castle, Utah and Martin & Company Boots, Battle Mountain, Nevada

Chaz Mitchell is the man behind the hand-crafted, home-made, hair-raising hats, made by a witty, wild-eyed, western-bred buckaroo. Quality workmanship, USA-best products only. Hats of pure beaver felt, down to the American-made ribbon and silver conchos and good quality leather sweatbands so you can wear your hat all day and not want to take it off for bed. Kelly Martin creates custom boots and cowgirl clothing with a special flair.

Montana Metal Art, Bozeman, Montana

Brian Nelson's Montana Metal Art company offers unique signs for individuals or business. Each creation is made in Bozeman from a hand-drawn design by artist Cameron Marcoux, then individually CNC-precision cut using Montana and American materials for the finest, highest quality product. Only the highest quality clear coats and finished are used to create our custom look, and we utilize an automotive finshes to produce our bullet-proof, high quality, "maintenance fee" signs to compliment your home, office, ranch cabin or vacation property.

John Mabe: Handmade Knives, Haines, Oregon

Making and selling unique, original hand forged knives  for sixteen years, John Mabe has developed his own method of forging knives from different steels such as ball bearings, screws, cable, fishhooks, chainsaw blades, and motorcycle chains. Every knife is one-of-a-kind: the time to buy it is when you see it! Also offering purse accessories for the discerning woman.

El Telar Studio, Santa Ana, California

Antonio Mendoza believes color is the mirror of human emotion and his work reflects his exploration into and the inspiration of his native Zapotec, Mexico, roots in beautiful hand-spun and hand-loomed woven goods, with the use natural dyes created by Mendoza for the amazing and vivid colors. Rugs, totes, pillows and much more.

Melinda Horn Silver, Hico, Texas

Hand-engraved jewelry from sterling silver, copper and brass. Melinda Horn's work is completely unique in the style and look, offering earrings, pendants, scarf slides, bracelets and rings.

Wild Wind Rustics, Grenada, California

Pat and Ken Snider are the curators of reclaimed rustic wood products and framed photography by Pat; vases from old fence posts; clocks and shadow boxes created from discarded wood.

Montana Turtle Silver & Big Sky Antlers, Stevensville, Montana

Turtle Klaus creates hand engraved jewelry, demonstrating an old-world feeling with hammer and chisel to create necklaces, rings, spurs, belt buckles, money clips and more. Craig Krzycki designs and carves antler jewelry and belt buckles, salt and pepper shakers, and antler sculptures.


Chaz Hats banner image by Jessica Brandi Lifland.
Top Gallery of shop images:
  El Telar, by Sydney Martinez; Trigger's Boutique by uknown; Valeriy Kagounkin by David Tau; Big Sky Antlers by uknown.
Bottom Gallery of shop images:
  D & S Designs; Melinda Horn; Orderville Vines - photographer unknown.