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2019 Highlight - Friday Night Spectacular

2018 highlights

Friday night spectacular!

Enjoy a January evening in Elko with our amazing lineup of Friday evening shows on February 1st at the Elko Convention Center! This lineup is sure to bring a lift to the spirit, a warmth to the heart, a respite from winter. And don't forget the Friday Night Dance!


Gimme Open Roads & Fresh Air

Feb 1, 6:00pm – 7:30pm * Elko Convention Center Auditorium
$40 / $30 / $25
Next Generation Discount Available! (Info below)

This is a journey through the Great American West you won't want to miss! Enjoy this sassy and classy show fueled by a high octane mix of music and poetry, headed to western places you'll never forget. Carolyn Martin and her powerhouse band will convince you that "It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing." Tish Hinojosa's wanderlust spirit and soaring songs will invite you to "lose yourself to the moon," chase sunsets and the scent of a rainstorm, and "rise from the highway and into the sky and leave all your sorrow behind." With roots firmly planted in northern New Mexico soil, Olivia Romo writes poetry through the eyes of a young woman and delivers it with the passion and hopeful spirit of her generation. A roving party isn't complete without Montana father-daughter duo Halladay and Rob Quist. Both love the open road and their powerful original songs pay tribute to the people, places and experiences encountered along the way.


Ride & Write 'em Pretty

Feb 1, 8:00pm – 9:30pm * Elko Convention Center Auditorium
$40 / $30 / $25
Next Generation Discount Available! (info below)

There are skills that good riders acquire over years of being a-horseback, but the best riders also develop a sixth sense that enables them to communicate with the horse. So when the ride 'em pretty, there's poetry in motion. Paul Zarzyski, Halladay Quist, Ned LeDoux and Corb Lund definitely can ride 'em pretty. But each also writes their musical lyrics and poems thoughtfully and purposefully. Each has transcended the merely skillful to reach the artistic — their goal is to form that delicate link with the audience that results in deep understanding. You'll hear how they write 'em sooooo pretty. So very pretty.

Fri Night Dance-all_ages_social_dancing-KierAtherton.jpg

Friday Night Dance with Geno Delafose
& French Rockin' Boogie

Feb 1, 10:00pm - Midnight * Elko Convention Center - Turquoise

When he's not harvesting 200 acres of grass, Geno is coaxing couples to the dancefloor with his low-slung accordion and killer backing band. From grass-cutting to rug-cutting, these Creole cowboys know how to pass a good time. With their red-hot rhythms and noveau zydeco style, Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie bring you bayou-soaked boogie beats all the way from Louisiana. Melding Cajun and blues with a good dash of soul and country and western, this band is sure to spice up your two-steps, waltzes and swing. Learn how to jig and jitterbug at the Cajun and Zydeco Dance Workshop earlier this day, or just bring your best boogie spirit to the dancefloor — your feet will follow!

Next Generation Discount: Are you between the ages of 15 and 35? A limited number of show tickets to the shows are available at the discounted price of $20! Buy up to two (2) tickets per show. Tickets are will-call only and all ticket/pass users must show valid proof of age at pickup. When purchasing tickets online, please use discount code NEXTGEN on the checkout form.

Photo of Tish Hinojosa by Natalie Rhea; Photo of Halladay Quist courtesy of Halladay Quist; Dance photo by Kier Atherton